Super Easy Frittata!

Today for lunch I made my first ever frittata and it was so easy! I chopped up onion, zucchini, tomato and green pepper. You must use an oven safe pan! I scrambled two egg whites and one whole egg. First, spray pan or add a half tablespoon of olive oil. Then cook veggies for a few minutes to soften and sprinkle with black pepper. Next, add the scrambled egg mixture. Don’t touch it after the eggs are added, just let it start to solidify. When I could see the edged had solidified I added parmesan cheese and put the pan in the oven  at 350 degrees for six minutes. That’s it! I just added more parmesan cheese when I took the frittata out of the oven. 

One thought on “Super Easy Frittata!

  1. So, I just showed this blog to the guy sitting next to me at work, cause he was googling recipes for tonight and after he clicked on it he said “that's a nice lookin frittata”. haha

    – mike mach


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