Broccoli & Monterey Jack Fritatta

For a healthy filling breakfast after the gym I made a fritatta. I’m starting to enjoy fritattas because they are a nice alternative to omelets and once you get the basics down you can use whatever veggie/cheese combo you like!
Preheat oven to 300 degrees
-scramble 2 eggs & 1 egg white (last time I used 2 egg whites & one egg, but this morning I chopped up more broccoli than I needed so I needed enough egg to make it worth while)
-1 cup fresh cut up broccoli
-1/4 cup monterey jack cheese
-ground black pepper
-Spray small oven safe pan & on medium/low heat cook broccoli until soft (covered)
-Then add scrambled eggs and pepper
-“wiggle” the pan so the egg is evenly distributed throughout the broccoli
-add cheese
-cook undisturbed for about 3 minutes or until you can see the egg solidifying
-transfer to oven and cook for 6 minutes 

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