Hi there! First and foremost, thank you for visiting my blog.

I’m Alyssa! I have had a sensitive stomach my whole life. Just before starting my senior year of high school my stomach took a turn for the worst. It seemed like everything I ate made me miserably sick and uncomfortable. My struggle to figure out what was making me so sick was stressful, physically painful and sometimes embarrassing. At times, I was even afraid of food because almost everything I ate made me painfully sick. I spent the next five years in and out of different doctor’s offices. Test after test, doctors told me my test results were normal. I would leave their office in tears because I just wanted to be diagnosed with something, so I could be treated.

After graduating from college I turned to a gluten-free diet as my last option. I was fully prepared for it to have no effect on me because nothing else had.  Within 3 weeks I realized I didn’t have a stomach ache on a daily basis. I was mind blown! I had stomach pains (I’ll spare you the details) every day for YEARS and never thought that was going to change. Since then I have developed many gluten-free tips, recipes and travel advice.

I now live with my new hubby in our first home. We found the worst house, on a great block, in a sweet little neighborhood. It’s been a huge renovation project (inside and out), but I am happy to say we’ve turned it into my mini dream home! It has  a been a jam-packed year and I have finally found my groove in our new kitchen. I am looking forward to sharing my gluten-free cooking, wedding and life adventures with you all here.

Oh and some of my friends call me Miss Alyss 😉

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