Hello! I’m Alyssa, the creator of Red Rose & Honey. RR&H is my creative outlet where I share tidbits about my life, travels and dinner at home with my husband and our goldendoodle, Henry.

You may or may not know that I started my first blog around 2011. At that time I knew next to nothing about running a blog. I actually didn’t know anyone else with a blog or follow other blogs. I just knew that I was finding my way around the kitchen and wanted to share it with others. Around. this time I turned to a gluten-free lifestyle after struggling with undiagnosable stomach issues for years on end. My quality of life had changed for the better. This is where my journey as a gluten-free foodie and Red Rose & Honey began.

The Foodie

I truly believe anyone can cook a delicious homemade meal; gluten-free or not. You don’t need any formal training or a fancy recipe. All you need are basic ingredients and a little confidence in the kitchen. I love to share my recipes and inspire others to find their groove in the kitchen. On RR&H, I share easy recipes, everyday cooking and tips for entertaining at home.

The Traveler

Traveling with a food allergy or dietary restriction can be a challenge, but neither has to ruin a trip. Over the years I have put together a collection of gluten-free-focused travel guides to share with my readers on RR&H. I hope my travels help you stress and worry a little less while vacation planning.

The Homebody

These days you can find me spending evenings at home with a glass of wine and enjoying every second of life with my husband and Henry. We are nearing the end of renovations on our first home. It’s been a huge renovation project inside and out, but I am happy to say we’ve turned much of our vision into reality. I believe a clean home is a happy home, so in my spare time I can be found cleaning, organizing or tackling a DIY project. On RR&H I love to share my clean living swaps, my favorite products from beauty to home decor and a lot of stories about my pup.


Throughout my blog you may find products referenced through affiliate links. When you purchase an item through an affiliate link I have shared, I may earn a small commission on your purchase.  Any brand sponsored content or gifted items featured on RR&H will be clearly noted. Thank you for shopping with me!

I hope my easy to follow recipes, travel guides and the little bits of life I share inspire you to cook a meal, enjoy a trip and make your house a home to all who visit.

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