Gluten-Free Travel Diary: Denver, CO!

This week Facebook reminded me that a year ago we took a quick trip to Denver, CO. Since I didn’t post a travel diary for this trip last year I figured what better time to post than on the one year anniversary. Our trip started off a bit rocky because Expedia (or Travelocity, I can’t remember) lost our hotel reservation. It was incredibly frustrating to get off the plane to a voicemail that we didn’t have a hotel to stay at. Within a couple of hours I got it all sorted out and we ended up getting a hotel upgrade. We stayed in the downtown area, so we didn’t need to rent a car and were able to walk everywhere.


One restaurant we knew we wanted to try was Snooze. There is usually a wait so we made sure to get there pretty early for breakfast. While you’re waiting you can play cornhole outside. Although they don’t have a separate gluten-free menu they do offer plenty of gluten-free options. I got pancakes AND eggs. Mike got the biggest breakfast burrito I’ve ever seen.

One of Mike’s friends plays for the Toronto Blue Jays and they happened to be playing in Colorado while we were there. Before going to the game we stopped at ViewHouse which has a great rooftop bar and views of the city. My drink of choice the entire trip was a mojito!  Coorsfield has a gluten-free stand in section 142. I got a gluten-free beer and the best chicken quesadilla ever. Of all the sporting venues I have been to my food at Coorsfield tops the charts. It was a good thing my food kept me occupied because there was a crazy hail storm that delayed the game for 2 hours and trapped us in the stadium. While on our trip we also did a stadium tour which was really cool and we learned that Coorsfield is actually the home of Blue Moon.


On our last morning in Denver we went to Syrup for breakfast. The food was good, but the service was extremely slow. They also didn’t have quite as many gluten-free options as Snooze. I chose a gluten-free omelet and coffee. Make sure you ask questions about how the gluten-free toast is prepared.

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