Gluten Free at MSG!

Fear not, sports fans! The revamped Madison Square Garden is gluten free friendly. Their gluten free stand is called, “Healthy at The Garden.” The menu includes hot dogs, nachos,  fries, chicken fingers, pizza, multiple beers and more! They also offer pre-made sandwiches by The Bare Naked Bakery on Long Island. I bought the sandwich, but the bread was VERY dry. Although the sandwich wasn’t my favorite, I have to say the gluten free menu at The Garden blows away those of  the other arenas/stadiums I’ve been the.
FYI – Yankee Stadium, Citi Field and The Barclay’s Center have gluten free stands as well!

5 Napkin Burger NYC

5 Napkin Burger is another one of my favorite gluten-free-friendly restaurants in the city. I have found the staff to be very knowledgeable and understanding of gluten allergies. I even had a server who was gluten-free himself. 5 Napkin offers gluten free buns, beers and fries! What more could you ask for? They offer a pretty big menu with good variety. I recommend looking over the menu and selecting a few meals you are interested in then ask your sever if they can be prepared gluten-free. My favorite burger is the Avocado-Ranch (minus the ranch because it’s not gluten free!) with a New Grist beer.