How to: Beat the Sunday Scaries

Hi friends! Anyone else suffer from the occasional or regular Sunday Scaries? I definitely do, so today I am sharing 5 ways I try to beat them and take back my Sundays. It’s not always easy, but these tips definitely help me out.

  1. Wake up early
  2. Get dressed
  3. Do something active
  4. Make a reasonable to do list and get it done early
  5. Pick out work outfits

Waking up early may seem a little crazy for the weekend, but I think getting off to a late start on Sundays, makes the Sunday Scaries worse {at least for me}. During the week I wakeup at 5am, so any later than that is considered “sleeping-in” for me. On Saturday and Sunday I usually shoot to be up by 7/7:30am. That gives me enough time to enjoy my morning coffee before tackling the day. When I wake up later than about 7:30am on Sundays, the rest of my day usually feels rushed. In my book, there is nothing worse then realizing it’s 6pm on Sunday and feeling as if you didn’t enjoy the day.

* I am a sucker for staying in my PJs or comfy clothes on Sundays, but I think this makes it harder to be productive. Although I may not put jeans on if I am staying home, I try to put on a cute comfy outfit, so I don’t feel super lazy in my PJs. I just picked up this really cute sweat outfit from Target. The material so super soft on the inside. This outfit definitely makes me feel more put together, yet cozy. I have a small in the top and x-small in the bottoms {probably could have gone with small bottoms, but I didn’t want them to be really baggy}.

When I lived with my parents after college I was an avid exerciser, but I have definitely fallen off that wagon. These days I get my physical activity in by walking our dog Henry. We have recently taken some steps to help Henry become a better leash walker. He has improved a lot over the last month which has made me happy. We can finally enjoy walks together and I love it, especially with this gorgeous fall weather we’ve been having. On the weekends I usually aim to walk 1.5 – 2 {slow} miles with Henry. My husband and I love to admire the other homes in our neighborhood on our walks too.

Since I am going to school for my masters degree and have a long commute to work during the week, I really need time on the weekends to get my to-do lists done. My to-dos are always a combo of errands, cleaning, cooking and homework. It honestly can be difficult to fit it all into two days, so I try to make sure my list is realistic. If my list is too long and I don’t accomplish it all then I will feel as if I did not do enough. Something else I have been working on is to complete my most dreaded to-do early in the day. When I leave these for last I definitely feel like I am ending the day on a negative note.

My last tip to beat the Sunday Scaries is to pick out at least your Monday work outfit and get your lunch {or snacks} packed. Scrambling to pick out an outfit on Monday morning isn’t a fun way to start the work week. Taking a few minutes on Sunday to help me feel more prepared for Monday always helps to cut out unnecessary work week stress.

What are your tips for fighting the Sunday scaries? Let me know in the comments below!

Easy Roast Chicken

As the cool weather sets in, I have been itching to make some cozy dinners. Most days of the week I find myself sticking to the same dinner dishes, but I like to try to add a new meal to my repertoire at least once a week. On a normal weekday, I am out of the house for close to 10 hours and often don’t get home before 6:00. A busy work week makes cooking experimentation difficult!

One of my favorite weekend rituals is spending mornings watching The Food Network and The Cooking Channel.  I personally find it comforting to have cooking shows on in the background as I drink coffee and attend to other household chores. One of my favorite chefs to watch and learn from is Ina Garten. I have seen her “Roast Chicken” episode a few times and I finally decided to give her recipe a try.

Although I don’t think I could make this as a weeknight meal because of the extended cook time, I think it is a great dinner option for the weekend. Minimal time is needed for preparing the chicken, and following the recipe is fairly easy. My major recommendation is to make sure to generously season the chicken {about 7 lbs} and roast it for about 2 hours to least 165 degrees.

Whenever I prepare raw chicken, I wash and put away any other dishes in the sink or on the counters to spare them from contamination. I also use a separate cutting board strictly for raw chicken. After I put the chicken in the oven, I focus my attention to cleaning the countertops.  Although I have heard mixed reviews about using diluted white vinegar for cleaning granite counters, I have not had any problems. I mainly use Method brand cleaning products for cleaning the kitchen, but cleaning while cooking raw chicken is an exception.

I have a Samsung slide-in oven which has a convection roast setting. I pre-heated the oven to 425 degrees. Don’t forget to adjust your racks before your preheat your oven. First, I cut a lemon into quarters, followed by cutting an onion into thick slices and lastly cutting the potatoes into halves. To prepare the chicken I removed the innards {didn’t know they would be in a bag – how nice!}. Next, I rinsed the chicken under cool water and patted it dry. I then seasoned the cavity with salt, black pepper, Herb de Provence, fresh garlic cloves, onion and lemon wedges.

Unfortunately, as soon as I was ready to put the chicken in the oven, I realized I didn’t have kitchen twine. {Was I supposed to register for that for my bridal shower?} Twine is important because it helps the chicken cook evenly and prevents the legs from burning. I opted for dental floss {sorry, mom} and it worked out fine. It’s also important to prevent the wings from burning. I could have tucked the wings under the body of the chicken, but they seemed pretty snug as they were.

I have a roasting pan, but I opted for my wide Calphalon Dutch oven. I placed the potatoes and onions at the bottom of the pan. Looking back, I could have also added carrots and celery.  I tied the legs with “twine” I placed the chicken on top of the vegetables {this helps the air circulate around the chicken}. I seasoned the outside of the chicken with salt, pepper, garlic powder, paprika and basted it with melted butter.

I am happy and equally proud to check this recipe off my “to-try” list. I will definitely be making it again. Check back soon to see what yummy meal I made with the leftovers!

xo Miss Alyss