Glowing Skin All Year Long

Who doesn’t love a healthy summer glow? In the summer I like my makeup routine to be a little quicker and lighter. Once the cooler weather rolls in, my entire skincare routine takes a little longer. Achieving the perfect glow requires the the right combination of tanned skin, bronzer and shimmer. I look for light weight products with SPF and a touch of shimmer to give my skin a sun kissed look.

I am a big advocate of skin protection and always try my best to wear SPF. My biggest (and only) regret is having gone tanning for my high school Jr. Prom. I do not know what I was thinking! The following year my mom was diagnosed with basil cell skin cancer. Her diagnosis along with a little more wisdom made me realize that tanning is not safe or beneficial to my life. For the last 8 year or so, I have been much more careful in the sun. I wear SPF, sometimes a hat and try to limit my time sitting in the sun for no reason. My routine is not perfect and sometimes I do get a little sunburn (luckily I didn’t get 1 sunburn this year). Although I am conscience of the sun I do not hide from it. I like to get outside and enjoy the beautiful weather while I can. I just think it is important that everyone try their best to protect their skin on a regular basis. I definitely do not tan as well as I use to, but I am okay with that. The thought of developing wrinkles and/or skin cancer because I wanted darker skin for a few months is terrifying! I always say, “a tan will fade, wrinkles and skin cancer won’t!”

There are a lot of great self-tanning products on the market. I use at home sunless tanners and have used Mystic booths (check out my previous post). At home self-tanning definitely requires trial and error and usually a little patience.

I recently found the perfect combination of makeup products for glowing skin. This face routine is quick and leaves me with a pretty sun kissed look. After applying a light weight moisturizer and primer, I apply Clinique’s Moisture Surge CC Cream with my fingers. This product is so light and creamy. I love the way it feels and how it evens out my skin tone. I actually think this is going to be a great fall/winter product when my skin starts to lose moisture. Next, I apply Clinique’s True Bronze Pressed Powder in Sunkissed to my cheek bones, bridge of my nose, forehead and a touch on my jaw line. I have been using this bronzer for months and can’t get enough of it. Last, I apply Clinique’s Cheek Pop in Melon Pop to the apples of my cheeks. I also like this bronzer and blush combo over my BareMinerals Original foundation.

xo Miss Alyss

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