My Favorite Uses for Coconut Oil

You know the father in the movie My Big Fat Greek Wedding? and his obsession with Windex? Well, that’s me with coconut oil. It’s my answer to everything. Need a moisturizer? Coconut oil. Got a squeaky door? Coconut oil. Scared of canola oil? Coconut oil. This stuff is the wonder product; no home should be without it!

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I only buy organic, extra virgin coconut oil. If it’s going on my face and in my food it needs to be good quality. An esthetician at my dermatologist’s office also told me that coconut oil (not extra virgin) is thick and could clog the eye lash follicles.  I have purchased my coconut oil from Amazon and Costco. My favorite way to store coconut oil is in small, transportable containers. I keep a jar in my bathroom, my nightstand, my purse and my desk. You can get perfect travel sized containers at Target (I couldn’t find the actual set of Target travel jars that I have. The item in the link includes 3 jars and 3 travel bottles). I am also a big fan of re-purposing glass jars for beauty storage.

Here are my favorite uses for coconut oil.

Eye Makeup Remover

My #1 use for coconut oil is for eye makeup remover. It has been my go-to for well over a year. I have extremely sensitive eyes and trouble finding a product that is gentle, but still removes my makeup.  Even products by Clinique and Neutrogena that are marketed for sensitive eyes make my eyes burn. After I wash my face and loosen up my makeup, I use a Q-Tip with coconut oil to remove my eye makeup. I am careful not to put my fingers in this jar and only use a Q-Tip to keep bacterial out.  Another added benefit for using coconut oil as eye makeup remove is that it seems to be great for lashes! About a year ago I lost some lashes due to eye irritation. I started rubbing coconut oil along my lash line and they slowly grew back.

Chapped Nose Healer

Nothing like a post-cold chapped nose. Coconut oil is perfect for protecting my nose when I’m using extra tissues during cold and flu season. I rub a little on the tip of my nose a few times throughout the day or before bed. It keeps my nose moisturized and prevent chapping. I have also found that dabbing coconut oil around my nostrils before bed helps to keep my sinuses moist at night – a huge problem for me in the winter.

Hand-Foot-Nail-Cuticle Moisturizer

Winter weather is so harsh on my hands. My hands get super dry and my nails even get a bit rigid. I try to massage coconut oil into my cuticles and nails before going to bed. It also works great for dry feet. Oil up your feet then put socks on to lock in the moisture.

Hair Treatment

Coconut oil is a great treatment for dry hair! You can make a DIY mask (dozens on Pinterest) or smooth a little on your ends. I have attempted to use coconut oil in a hair mask once.  Let’s just say it didn’t work out well. I thankfully have very healthy hair, so the coconut oil was much too heavy for me. Instead of using it as a hair mask I smooth a little over my ends as a post-blow dry cream.

Cooking/Baking Oil

Coconut oil can be a great substitute for butter, cooking spray and other oils when cooking. I like to use it to grease my pan when making scrambled eggs. It also works great for greasing baking tins or mugs for microwave mug cakes.

Oil Replacement in Baking

I love incorporating coconut oil into baking (and smoothies) whenever possible. I’m learning that coconut oil has some health benefits in comparison to other oils.. It’s becoming so much more common to see recipes using coconut oil in place of vegetable oil. Check out my Gain-Free Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Cookies that uses coconut oil. I love being able to give baking recipes a new spin by substituting not so healthy ingredients for healthy ones ingredients.

Do you have a favorite use for coconut oil? Share them in the comments below!

xo Miss Alyss

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