May 2017 | Most Loved

Clinique Lip Gloss

My absolute favorite lip gloss (and not just for this month) is the Clinique Long Lasting Lip Gloss in Adore U. It’s the perfect plum toned gloss with just the right tough of frost and simmer. My natural lip color is on the darker side, so I feel like this color works perfectly for me.


This is a bit of a random favorite, but during the dry winter months it’s been a life saver. I bought my first tube in January when my ring finger got irritated from my engagement ring (click here to read about that mess). Since then I have been using it on my cuticles, lips and mixing it with hand lotion. I even started putting a touch under my nose at night  because my sinuses get so dry while I’m sleeping. It’s definitely a staple beauty product now for dry, irritated and cracked skin.

Benefit It’s Potent Eye Cream

Who doesn’t love a good eye cream?! My under eye area gets super dry and flaky. This skin area as well as my eyes themselves are very sensitive. The wrong product can make my eyes red and irritated almost like I have pink-eye. I have previously been using Kiehl’s Creamy Eye Treatment for years which I do really like, but my local stores don’t sell it and I wanted to try something new. At the recommendation of a Benefit’s rep at Ulta, I decided to try the It’s Potent Eye Cream. It doesn’t have a must of a scent, added fragrance or parabens. It has added brightening effects which I may have noticed a bit and it keeps my under eye area hydrated. I’ve now finished the jar and I think I’ll buy it again! Definitely worth a try.

Milani Baked Blush

I have heard a lot about Milani Baked Blushes on YouTube being a great drugstore buy, so I wanted to give one a try. I usually like rosy/plum colored blushes, so I went with the Rose D’Oro. It definitely has more of an orange-y/bronze tone to it that I had hoped for, but I do like it. Some days I use it as a blush and other days as a bronzer. I even use it in the create of my eyelids (a favorite trick of mine) for a natural, bronzey glow.

NYX Tinted Brown Gel

I have been using the NYX tinted brown gel for about a year. Not sure how I lived without using something on my brows before that! Shaped brows totally step-up your look even on minimal makeup days. I feel like good browns just help you look more put together. I don’t always feel like using brow shadow and my brows themselves are pretty thick, so a tinted brow gel is perfect. Since my brow hairs are on the thick side (and sometimes get wavy!) the gel is perfect for keeping them in place. I have tried the chocolate and brunette shades and I feel like the chocolate is more natural and complements my dark blonde hair better.


Miss Alyss

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