Chicken Pot Pie with Gluten-Free Biscuit Topping

My mom’s chicken pot pies were one of my favorite dinners pre-gluten-free-life. In college, she would send me back to school with personal size pot pies to keep in my freezer. They quickly became one of Mike’s favorites too! It is probably the only recipe she hasn’t converted to be gluten-free, so it has been a long time since I’ve been able to enjoy this meal….until now!

I did a little research on chicken pot pie recipes to better understand how to make one from scratch. My main goal was to make sure it turned out as delicious as my mom’s. From my research I learned a Bechamel sauce would be a key player in the perfect consistency. It’s a white sauce made from butter, flour and milk or cream and is common is meals that have a thick, creamy consistency. I am so proud of how this recipe turned out. Mike and I didn’t just like this dinner; we loved it! I felt like I could have sat at the table all night, but I wanted to save some left overs for lunch 🙂 I was also able to use just one pot for this whole meal — my beloved Le Creuset Dutch oven.

You can put this dinner together in about an hour if you use a rotisserie chicken or have already roasted a chicken yourself. Lucky for me, I made my first roast chicken a few days before attempting this pot pie.

Pot Pie Filling

2 C Cooked Chicken

4 Medium Carrots

1 C Frozen Peas

1 C Frozen Corn

1 Small Onion

8oz. Organic Heavy Cream

8oz. Unsalted Chicken Stock

2 TBSP Unsalted Butter

2 TBSP Gluten-Free Flour (I like Bob’s Redmill 1-to-1 GF Flour)

1/8 TSP Black Pepper

1/2 TSP Kosher Salt

1/2 TSP Dried Thyme

1.2 TSP Dried Parsley

Biscuit Topping

3/4 C Gluten-Free Bisquick

1/2 C Almond Milk

1 Egg

2 TBSP Unsalted Butter, Melted




– Pre-heat oven to 350 degrees

– Melt butter in Dutch oven then add chopped onions and cook until softened.

-Whisk in flour then heavy cream then whisk constantly until mixture thickens then add black pepper, salt and thyme.

-Add chicken stock and bring to a boil then turn heat to low.

-Add veggies and cook until softened, about 10 minutes.

-Add chicken and parsley. Mix well then turn off heat.

-Prepare biscuit topping following the Bisquick recipe. Place spoon fulls of the batter around the dutch oven.

– Cook in the oven for 30 minutes or until topping is golden.


xo Miss Alyss

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