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In today’s post I am reviewing all of the Beautycounter makeup products that I’ve tried. I am sharing what I have loved and what I have not. When it comes to my everyday routine I keep it pretty simple. With that said, even if I am staying home, I like to have a little makeup on. Look good, feel good is my motto in this area. My everyday routine includes concealer, bronzer, blush, brow gel & lip gloss. When shopping for makeup I look for products that last all day, have buildable coverage (or pigmentation) and can be multipurpose. I also try to opt for “cleaner” and “safer” ingredients. If you’re in the market for new makeup or are looking for “cleaner options,” keep reading!

Over the last two years I ended up transitioning almost all of my makeup to Beautycounter. I have also made a point to declutter my makeup drawer and only keep the products that I love. Beautycounter is really transparent about its practices, values and ingredient lists. The company has over 1,500 ingredients on its “never list.” Beautycounter also advocates and lobbies for legislative changes that will make beauty products “clean for all.” The company is trying lead positive changes for the beauty industry as a whole and not just itself. These are some of the reasons I was drawn to Beautycounter in the first place. I have been really impressed with this makeup and can confidently say that others should give it a try too.

Skin Twin Creamy Concealer: This product was launched in fall 2020 and I could not be happier that it did. It’s a big improvement over BC’s original Touchup Skin Concealer Pen which I have also tried. Like its name implies, the Skin Twin Concealer is creamy. It also provides really good coverage that lasts all day. I have seen some bloggers say that this concealer rivals Tarte’s Shape Tape coverage. Although I know that concealer is a cult favorite, I haven’t tried it myself, so I can’t say for sure. I usually only wear concealer (no foundation), so finding a good one is important to me. This concealer covers darkness under my eyes, uneven skin tone and blemishes. The coverage is so good! I apply this with a damp beauty blender and it lasts all day.

My shade is Light 1.

Dew Skin Tinted Moisturizer with SPF: This was the first BC product I tried. Unfortunately it was a huge miss for me. It made my skin dry, flakey and irritated. The consultant I purchased through at the time said zinc may have caused my skin to react poorly. I am so impressed by the Skin Twin Concealer that I would recommend trying the Skin Twin Foundation before Dew Skin.

My shade is Light.

Stain Powder Blush: This blush has great pigmentation that allows you to build up as much or as little color as you like. I have this in two shades which I use everyday and they barely look used. I have had one shade for over a year too. This is a great blush and that fact that it has lasted so long really makes me feel like I am getting my monies worth.

My shades are Nectar and Guava (my fav).

Radiant All Over Bronzer: My thoughts on this bronzer are similar to the blush. This product is buildable, lasts all day and will last you a long time. I have also had this bronzer for over year and it’s still kicking. I use it everyday too!

Tip: Get more use our of your bronzer by using it on your eyes. I like to blend a little bronzer into the crease of lids for a little sun-kissed color.

My shade is Dune.

Color Pinch Cream Blusher: The name may imply blush, but you can use it on your eyes, lip and cheeks. This color is great for giving your cheeks a bronze-y glow or adding a little definition to the crease of your eyelids. Pair it with lip balm and it’s a perfect sheet neutral on your lips.

My shade is Caramel (on my lips I think this similar to the Lip Sheer in Twig).

Velvet Eyeshadow Palette: My eyes are so sensitive that they often get swollen, red, flakey and tear uncontrollably from eye makeup and skincare; it’s the worst! I have tired so many eyeshadows that cause irritation. This palette has yet to bother my eyes and I’ve had it for a year. It comes in 3 color palettes, but I think the bronze-y neutrals of the classic palette are perfect. A great swap for the Tarte eyeshadow palettes (which are great, but bother my eyes).

My shade is the Classic Palette.

Lengthening Mascara: Sadly this is a Beautycounter product I would recommend skipping. The wand and brush are thin and flimsy. Even after multiple coats, there is still very little product on my lashes. I am still on the hunt for a great “clean” mascara.

Beyond Gloss: My #1 makeup suggestion from Beautycounter is the lip gloss. I LOVE this stuff. It’s moisturizing, not sticky and lasts for a few hours. If you are trying to make the change to “cleaner” beauty, lip gloss is a good place to start because we actually ingest most of our lip products. This gloss comes is a lot of different shades now too!.

Shades I’ve purchased are Spice, Bare Shimmer, Blush Shimmer, Rosewood and Fig.

Beautycounter makeup that’s on my list to try next: the Brow Gel, Powder Highlighter, Skin Twin Foundation and Mattifying Powder!

While I am rounding up Beautycounter makeup, I thought this would be a good place to explain the Band of Beauty membership. Think of it as Amazon Prime for Beautycounter. You pay $29 to join and in return you receive welcome gift (when you spend $50+ on when enrolling — often valued at more than $29), earn a 10% credit on your orders and unlock free shipping on order of $100+. The membership lasts for 1 year. If you plan to order from Beautycounter more than once a year, I think it’s a good option to consider, especially for the free gift.

If you really enjoy using Beautycounter you may want to take the next leap and become a consultant. There are some costs to enroll, but being a consultant provides you access to exclusive products and a discount on your own purchases. Earlier in the year, Beautycounter offered a great deal for new consultants, so I decided to go for it. You can also earn a commission if others purchase through you. If you don’t meet the minimum sales requirements, you will be bumped down to a Band of Beauty membership – which is what will probably happen to me :). For more info on this, you can checkout the website or follow two of my favs on Instagram @afoodiestaysfit and @espressoandcreamblog — the first two Beautycounter gals I ever followed!

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