Gluten-Free Travel Diaries: New York City!

This past weekend I attended my best friend’s bachelorette party in NYC! I can’t believe my bestie is getting married in a few short weeks. It was such a fun weekend celebrating the her! In this blog I am going to share some of the restaurants we went to. All of them had great gluten-free options and I am happy to report no tummy aches! If you are looking for my wedding blogs click HERE and follow me on my own wedding planning journey 🙂

The Frying Pan

The Frying Pan is a super cool spot in the city at Pier 66. It’s actually a boat docked in the Hudson River on the Pier. If you’re living in or visiting the city this summer you should definitely make it a point to stop here. It is really such a great place to enjoy the summer weather. We got a delicious pitcher of mango-blueberry sangria and a light dinner. The menu has “V” and “G” icons to identify vegetarian and gluten-free options. I was pleasantly surprised that the bartender/waitress was actually very knowledgeable of gluten-allergies and assured me that the choices labeled “G” were safe options. I had the fish tacos and a few fries. Yes, FRIES! They are fried separately, so they’re totally gluten-free.

Pardon My French

For brunch we went to Pardon My French which was the perfect spot for a bachelorette party. It would also be a good option for a small bridal or baby shower. I loved the rustic, French decor. We sat upfront at the white subway tiled peninsula. They offer a classic or bottomless brunch options. Although no items are marked gluten-free the waiter was understanding of my allergy and said it would not be a problem. Their kitchen does their best to prevent contamination. I had the spinach and tomato omelet with roasted potatoes. The potatoes were actually roasted; not fried and the iced coffee was possible the best I’ve had.


El Toro Blanco

On our second night we went to El Toro Blanco; a Mexican restaurant in Downtown. The guacamole was phenomenal! All of their guacamole is made fresh at the guac bar.  Gluten-free foodies beware – the chips are NOT gluten-free. Instead, make sure you ask for a side of raw veggies. The menu is marked with * which indicate which options contain gluten. I had the roasted chicken tacos for dinner which I enjoyed, but wasn’t blown away by. Also keep in mind the servings are small and the margaritas are very strong!

Sans Bakery

We stopped at Think Coffee for a quick pick me up and I was happy to find these Sans Bakery gluten-free doughnuts and muffins. Unlike most gluten-free desserts, this doughnut was not bland and dry. It’s nice to now where you can stop to get a coffee and a treat! I believe the Think Coffee shops are located throughout the city too.


Friedman’s Lunch NYC!

I’ve eaten at Friedman’s a couple of times and absolutely love it! The staff is really friendly and they have a ton of gluten free options. They even pride themselves on preventing cross contamination. If you are in the city, you definitely need to stop at Friedman’s. And no matter what you get, you have to ask for their apple butter and toast. It’s out of the world! Just remembered they don’t take reservations and it fills up quickly, so if you have some other things to do before you plan to eat, stop at Friedman’s and put your name on the list.

Gluten Free Mexican in NYC!

Dos Caminos has become my go-to Mexican restaurant in the city. The servers are very knowledgeable and understand gluten sensitivities. As always, it’s important to notify your server of your gluten allergy when you are seated. Almost everything on their menu can be prepared gluten-free! The kitchen even puts a label on your plate to indicate a food allergy, so there is no mix up! I have been told that they try their best to make sure the corn chips (for the salsa and guacamole) are fried separately, but they can’t 100% guarantee there aren’t any slip ups. Instead, you can ask for veggies to eat with your guacamole. I have only been to the Dos Caminos on 3rd  Avenue, so make sure to discuss your gluten allergy with the staff at their other locations. I recommend the chicken or mahi-mahi tacos! And of course a Margarita!