Gluten Free Italian | Trip to Boston

     Since going gluten free I have found pizza and pasta to be much less enjoyable. Recently, I found a fresh spinach linguine from Whole Foods that is awesome! Costco also sells a brand called Felicia which I also like. This brand is a corn, rice, buckwheat and quinoa mix. I personally think all-rice pastas aren’t very good. Lately, I’ve really enjoyed having gluten free linguine with homemade marinara sauce or garlic and oil.
      This past weekend I visited Boston for the first time! I stayed in the North End which is a  “Little Italy” type of area. I have never seen so many restaurants in one place. There has to be at least 100 Italian restaurants, 1 Mexican restaurant and 1 Chinese restaurant. My friends and I had dinner at Benevento’s. Not only was everyone’s food delicious, they offered both gluten free pasta and pizza! I had the option of at least 6 different sauces served with gluten free pasta and about 12 pizzas. I was in gluten free food heaven!! I chose the “Vodka Classic” pizza. One of the waiters recommended choosing vodka sauce because it would balance out the sweetness of the gluten free dough. I think the pizza would have been delicious regardless of what was on it. I also liked how my pizza was cooked on a disposable aluminum tray (avoiding cross contamination). And of course, their beer options included Redbridge – one of the best gluten free beers I’ve tried.
*Update 7/13/13* This post was written early on in my gluten free life. In the future I would be more cautious of the vodka used in the sauce. Not all vodkas are gluten free therefore it’s important to discuss this with your server.

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