Self Tanning Routine

It is hard to believe Labor Day Weekend is upon us and the summer is coming to end! I also cannot believe I neglected my blog all summer, so I am starting fresh this fall and committing myself to a blog a week. Like many of you I want to hang on to my summer glow as long as possible. Here are some of my favorite tanning products of the summer. DO NOT forget to exfoliate before applying self tanner and to always keep your skin moisturized!

Mystic Tan
This May I decided to splurge a little on a Mystic tan for my cousin’s wedding. In prep for the wedding I got my 4th and 5th Mystic tans ever. I loved the results. Mystic definitely gave me the perfect glow and lasted a solid week. I highly recommend doing a practice run if you are planning on getting a Mystic spray before a special event, especially if you have never gotten a spray tan. Before your appointment be sure to shower and exfoliate. It is also a good idea to wash your hair. During the spray you wear a hair cap and your first shower after your spray should be a quick rinse.


The booth at my local Beach Bum Tanning salon was much newer than the one I used in the past. I have to admit it was also a little intimidating! For a second I thought I going to have a Ross Geller moment. Yes, you have to turn 3 times. Yes, the spray is startling. Yes, it is a little claustrophobic. However, it is totally worth it! The Mystic spray is ultra fine, has a light scent and dries fast. The tan develops over an 8 hour time frame. I asked for the medium shade and let it develop over night for about 8 hours.

VS Tanning Spray
Early in the summer I purchased the Victoria Secret Self Tanning spray and was pleasantly surprised with the results. The mist is not as fine as a Mystic spray, so I did have to rub it in to blend. I started with at my feet and worked my way up each leg then washed my hands before moving on to my upper body. I thought the color was great; golden tan (not orange) and no streaks! Unfortunately, this product is only sold in the summer months.

VS Bronzing Lotion
The Victoria Secret bronzing lotion is great! This product gives you a pretty glow that washes off in the shower. It is the perfect finishing touch to your self tanning routine or when you just want a quick added glow. I used this lotion on top of my Mystic tan the day of my cousin’s wedding. Like the VS self tanning spray, this lotion is only available in the summer.

BM Faux Glow Face
BareMinerals Faux Glow (for face) tanner gives you a very subtle, buildable glow. The BM consultant I purchased this from instructed me to apply this product before my moisturizer. Sometimes I let my first application dry and apply a second. I have used this face tanner throughout the summer and will continue to use it into the fall. My favorite thing about this tanner is that it does not make me breakout!

What are your favorite self tanning products?

XO Miss Alyss

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