Travel Series: Gluten-free California

In August, my boyfriend and I took a fabulous vacation to California. Our trip started in San Diego and included stops in Huntington Beach, West Hollywood, Santa Barbara and Solvang. We ended our vacation with cool, fall-like weather in San Francisco. This was the first vacation in my life that did not revolve around a beach and to my surprise, it was possibly the most enjoyable yet!

Many of you gluten-free readers will agree,  traveling with a food allergy can be especially difficult. My vacations are heavily planned around the availability of gluten-free dining. This fall I will take my you through my gluten-free journey in California as part of a multi-blog series. I am really excited to share my experience with you and hope my blog helps to make some of your California vacation planning less stressful.

Please check back soon for my first post about San Diego. In the meantime, visit my previous vacation blogs. On my prior site, my most viewed post was about gluten-free dining in Aruba. You can find my older posts in my gluten-free lifestyle section. I would love to get my gluten-free tips out there, so please share my posts with your GFFs (gluten-free-friends).

XO Miss Alyss

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