Tips for a Productive Weekend

Hello and happy Thursday! With the week coming to an end, I thought today would be the perfect time to share a few tips that help me keep my house in order over the weekend. A couple months ago, my schedule changed and I have been super busy. Between work itself and my commute to the city, I honestly don’t have much time at home. Keeping the house in order, a graduate degree and an energetic puppy, in addition to a professional career have really been keeping me on my toes {shout out to all the mamas out there taking care of kiddos too – I am having an extra glass of wine for you tonight}.

Limited time at home during the week makes taking care of the house and cooking dinner every night difficult almost impossible. This doesn’t fair well for someone who is a self-proclaimed need freak that cannot handle dirt, mess or clutter. But, during the times in my life where I have not had much free time, I have learned that it is possible to do more with less. I am pretty amazed with all that I have trained myself to do in the last few months. Truth be told, six months ago I had way more time on my hands and looking back now, I’m not sure how I didn’t solve the world peace problem ;). Like, what the heck was I doing with all of that time?!

The rest of this post by no means includes my full cleaning routine. These are just the minimal things I do to help keep me on track, so if it is a jam packed weekend and I don’t get to clean the house from top to bottom {while walking the dog, blow drying my hair, cooking dinner and doing homework all simultaneously}, these things help me feel like I kind of have it together.

Friday night

Throw in a load of laundry. Pick an easier load of laundry like towels or sheets. You can throw them in the dryer and forget about them and not worry about them shrinking. Right after putting that laundry in, vacuum! Pick up all that junk that made its way to the floor during the work week. If I have extra time or energy I will also stream mop the bathroom floor. I try to vacuum a few times a week before or after work as well.

Saturday Morning

Start laundry as soon as you get up then pick an area to immediately straighten up. You can enjoy your coffee and your morning routine while getting a few loads of laundry done. I’ve noticed that when I start my laundry earlier in the day, I get through it faster. I generally try to go to bed with a clean kitchen, but if I don’t then I will straighten up the kitchen then put away laundry clean. Before I know it, a couple loads of laundry are out of the way.

Saturday Midmorning/Early Afternoon:

Change your sheets and straighten up the bedroom. I don’t really mind doing laundry, but I feel like changing the sheets is a huge pain. I almost always change my sheets weekly. Sheets get much dirtier than most people may think. I have very sensitive skin, so keeping my sheets fresh helps to avoid unwanted breakouts. I have found changing my sheets on Saturday makes a huge difference for me. I use to put it off until Sundays, and before I knew it, I was battling the Sunday night scaries with no sheets on my bed to boot!

Clean the bathroom before and/or after your shower. This will probably sound silly, but I like to start cleaning the bathroom before I shower. I will clean the toilet then dust my bathroom shelves, baseboard and window first. After my shower I will spray down and clean the shower then clean the vanity after I get ready. If I didn’t vacuum and clean the bathroom floor Friday night, I will do that to finish up the bathroom.

Sunday Morning

Yep, you guessed it, laundry! If I didn’t finished up our laundry, I throw in another load as soon as I wake up. Next, I will plan out our meals for the week and make our food shopping list. Fortunately, my husband does the food shopping and sometimes Costco runs too…I generally cannot be trusted at Costco because #CostcoDoesItAgain.

Sunday Afternoon

Depending on my husband’s work schedule, I have been trying to devote a few hours on Sunday to meal prep. I will try to prep at least 4 dinners for the week. Any small bit helps, even if it’s just cleaning chicken and making a taco seasoning. I also try to make enough that I will have a few days of leftovers for lunch. Meal prep is still a work in progress for me, but I am working on it! My goal is to get meal prepping done earlier in the day.

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